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Hello, my name is Michelle and "All Things in Love" is my personal philosophy.  All Things in LOVE is focused on providing the tools and inspiration needed to balance life in each individual and by extension the community.  This website does not promote any specific God, but respects all teachings of God in each culture. I also respect the fact you may not believe in any God.  But if you believe that we are all connected through a universal energy that affects us on a personal level as well as a universal level then this may be a home for you.   The main goal of All Things in Love is to offer Esoteric as well as Traditional ministerial services.

A little bit about me:

I am highly intuitive, empathic, clairsentient and claircognizent, as well as being a natural healer.  I can relate to the many sensitive issues and challenges individuals go through; including psychic. Being born into a Catholic family was a real challenge for me to completely share and understand my God given gifts, but I never gave up hope that I would be able to use these gifts to assist others on their own path to enlightenment.

I began reading Tarot cards when I was 15, automatic writing when I was in my 30's and in my 40's I began speaking with Angels and Ascended Masters.

Trying to "fit-in" I spent many years in customer service and sales management roles. Recently I surrendered to the fact that I will never fit into what does not allow me to align with my truest self. My angels and guides have always been with me, guiding me to assist others in their own journeys and now I officially do.  I am grateful for each day that I am presented with the opportunity to be of service.

July 2008 I was ordained as a non-denominational minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery, I knew I wanted to spread light and love to everyone. 

April 9, 2011 I officiated my first wedding ceremony and I knew I was on the right path.  Three years and hundreds of ceremonies later I continue to walk in faith and I am expanding All Things in Love into a full service online non-denominational ministry offering traditional services such as weddings, baptisms and memorial services, as well as esoteric services such as card readings, cleansings/clearings and Spiritual Guidance.

My greatest desire is to be of service to you on your path.  I invite you to visit my Blog for daily affirmations, weekly talking points designed to inspire, empower, entertain and teach. 

~ "Because Nice Matters" ~ and ~ "The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others."  ~Ghandi~